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You can find our complete selection of Autohelm and Raymarine autopilot replacement parts in our ONLINE STORE, or by clicking on any of the products below.  We are constantly designing new parts and adding them to our inventory.

Try our new Graphical Parts Finder for the Autohelm 4000, with an exploded parts view and links to where all parts can be purchased.

Autohelm 4000 / ST4000
Roller Wheel Replacement
Set of 7
Planetary Gears
Autohelm 4000 Wheel Pilot
Gear Box Drive Assembly
Clutch Lever Assembly for Autohelm 3000 and ST3000
   Belt Drive Gear and End Cap
 for Autohelm 3000 and ST3000
Wheel Pilot
Autohelm ST3000 3000 belt drive cone gear sproket
Control head mount bracket
Autohelm Analog 3000
Raymarine Rotary Dial
C and E Series Displays
E90w E120W E140W
C90W C120W C140W
Control head mount bracket
Autohelm 4000 & ST4000
Black or White
Planetary Gears
Autohelm MK2 ST4000
Raymarine Wheel Pilot
Clutch Lever Bracket for Autohelm 3000 and ST3000
Motor mount bracket 3000 2.jpg
Stainless Steel Bearings and Cage
for Autohelm 3000 and ST3000
Wheel Pilot
Clutch Lever Assembly for Autohelm Analog 3000
Clear Button Actuators for Raymarine Widescreen Display Unicontroller Rotary Dial
Clutch lever
Autohelm 4000 & ST4000
Installation Video
Clutch lever for Autohelm 4000 wheel pilot
Drive Eccentric Assembly
Autohelm 4000 ST4000
Wheel Pilot
Autohelm 4000 / ST4000
Broken Stem Repair Kit
Repairs Broken Roller Post
Helm Wheel / Drum 
for Autohelm 3000 and ST3000
Wheel Pilot
Autohelm 4000 ST4000
Belt Drive Pinion Gear
Power Button for C&E Widescreen Displays
Simrad Wheel Pilot
WP10 WP30 WP32
Ring Rollers (set of 6)
Control Head Seal Gasket Autohelm 2000/3000/4000
Rotary Rudder Reference
Replacement for Raymarine
Mfg Part # M81105
Motor Cap Assembly for Autohelm 4000 Wheel Pilot
Autohelm 4000 Motor Cap

​i3DGear has designed replacements for parts for marine autopilot systems that break and are now unavailable.  Unavailable parts often mean replacing the entire unit, which in the case of autopilot systems can mean replacing thousands of dollars of equipment for a $30 part.  This is wasteful, expensive and can result in holes in your panel and hull from new units which are different sizes.

3D printing allows obsolete plastic parts to be made indefinitely.  The designs of the parts made by i3DGear are often improved by being able to remove strength limitations inherent in the original parts due to the constraints of injection molding.  All our parts are printed in high density, industrial strength plastic, often stronger than the original parts.

Check out this video preview of our parts!