Belt Drive Pinion Sprocket - Autohelm 4000, ST4000 Wheelpilot N014

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This is the pinion sprocket for the belt drive in the Autohelm 4000 and ST4000 black MK1 wheel pilot. Part #7 in the parts diagram above Autohelm part N014

3D printed in 60% stainless steel and 40% bronze to never corrode or break. This part is 100% compatible with the original and dramatically stronger. Price is for a single sprocket.

Early versions of the Autohelm 4000 used a plastic pinion sprocket, while later versions used a metal version.

Also available in the plastic version - dimensionally identical to the metal version and will work in either case. It is printed in industrial strength plastic and has had some of the weaknesses which were inherent in Autohelm's original version removed in this 3D printed version.

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