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Select by Autopilot Model

Locate your autopilot model on this page and find out everything you need to know about which AutoBuddy to order and how to connect it.  It doesn't get any simpler!

AutoBuddy Compatibility:

Have an existing Autohelm or Raymarine remote control?  Find out which version of AutoBuddy you need to order here.

AutoBuddy Use and Installation Guide Download:

AutoBuddy for SeaTalkNG:     Download Manual

AutoBuddy for SeaTalk:          Download Manual

AutoBuddy 2000, 3000, 4000:

   with 4 pin connector:           Download Manual

   with 5 pin connector:           Download Manual

AutoBuddy for Simrad/Robertson:

   AP300 series and J300X:    Download Manual

AutoBuddy Advanced Programming Modes (SeaTalk Version Only)

Programming mode guide:          Download Guide

AutoBuddy Firmware Upgrade:

If you've received an email about a firmware upgrade for your AutoBuddy SeaTalk version, click here to start the process.  Have the password you were sent ready.

Lever Installation Instructions:

Autohelm 4000 / ST4000 Lever Installation:

    Printed Instructions:  Download  - Plastic Levers

    Printed Instructions:  Download  - Stainless Steel Levers

    Installation Video:       Watch

Drive Eccentric Assembly Instructions

Autohelm 4000 / ST4000 drive eccentric installation instructions:

    Printed Instructions:  Download

Belt Drive Adjustment Wheel Instructions

Autohelm 4000 / ST4000 belt drive adjustment wheel installation instructions:

    Printed Instructions:  Download

Planetary Gear Installation Instructions:

Autohelm 4000 / ST4000 Planetary Gear Installation:

    Printed Instructions:  Download

Autohelm 4000 Gear Spacer Shim Installation:

    Printed Instructions:  Download

Autohelm ST4000 MK2 Planetary Gear Installation:

    Printed Instructions:  Download

Roller Installation

Autohelm 4000 / ST4000 Wheel Pilot Roller Installation:

    Printed Instructions:  Download

    Installation video:       Watch         (Courtesy of a happy customer)

Roller Broken Post Repair Kit Instructions

Autohelm 4000 / ST4000 Roller Post Repair Kit:

    Printed Instructions:  Download

Belt Drive Pinion Sprocket Instructions

Autohelm 4000 / ST4000 Pinion Replacement:

    Printed Instructions:  Download

Rudder Reference Installation Guide

Raymarine Rotary Rudder Reference:  Download

Adjustable Linkage Instructions:           Download

Spoke Clamp Installation Instructions

Autohelm 4000 / ST4000 Spoke Clamp Guide:  Download

Rotary Dial UniController Installation Guide

Rotary Dial Installation Instructions:  Download

Installation Video on Youtube:             Watch​

Wide Screen Display Power Button Installation Guide

Power Button Installation Instructions:  Download

Autohelm 4000 / ST4000 Service Notes

Repair and Refurbishing Instructions:  Download

Autohelm 4000 / ST4000 Motor Assembly/Disassembly

Repair and Assembly Instructions:  Download

Use these instructions to install the Motor Cap Assembly.

Autohelm 4000 / ST4000 Motor Connector Instructions

Plug Instructions:      Download

Socket Instructions:  Download

Autohelm 4000 / ST4000 Bulkhead Plug Instructions

Plug Assembly Instructions:  Download

Autohelm 3000 / ST3000 Wheel Drum Installation Guide

Installation Instructions:  Download

Autohelm 3000 / ST3000 Belt Drive Gear and End Cap  Installation Guide

Installation Instructions for Improved version with Bolt/Nut:  Download

Simrad Wheel Pilot Parts

Simrad WP10 / WP30 / WP32 Wheel Pilot Roller Installation:

    Printed Instructions: Download


Simrad WP10 / WP30 / WP32 Wheel Clutch Parts Installation:

    Printed Instructions: Download