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Motor Cap Assembly - Autohelm 4000 MK1 and ST4000+ MK2 Wheel Pilots

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This is the motor end cap assembly for the Autohelm 4000 Mk1 Wheel Pilot (black wheel) and also for the Raymarine MKII Wheel Pilot (grey wheel). Same parts for both autopilot versions. These are 3D printed versions of the originals and are fully compatible with the original parts. The kit includes the parts shown in the exploded image:

  • 33 - End Cap o-ring
  • 34 - End Cap
  • 35 - Sealing Cap
  • 36 - Connector Nut
  • 28 - Motor Clamp
  • 29 - Motor Clamp o-ring

It does not include the motor, motor sleeve, or the electrical connector.

You can add the electrical connector in the options if you need it too.

You can also add part #24 - the Red Motor Seal - if you need it.

Instructions for assembly are included - click here.

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