Our shipping is by DHL Worldwide Express Courier.

(some exceptions apply - see below)


Delivery in less than one week to most places.

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Estimated shipping times are in BUSINESS DAYS.

Some large items may have a fixed shipping surcharge and not be eligible for the Free Shipping Threshold.

You are responsible for any duty and/or taxes according to your countries import regulations.  Please understand that duty and taxes are charged by YOUR country and have nothing to do with the country of origin or i3DGear Marine.  There are numerous websites on the internet where you can estimate your Duty and Taxes prior to ordering - such as EasyShip.  The shipping service (ie. DHL or Postal) will contact you regarding any duty and taxes while your shipment is in progress.

Some countries are not serviced by DHL, or DHL may be excessively expensive.  Some remote area postal codes may incur a DHL Remote Delivery Surcharge.  You will be contacted for shipping options if this occurs for your address.  We reserve the right to substitute postal shipping when necessary.

If you are requested to pay ADDITIONAL FEES, you can do so at this link by selecting the amount requested and paying as you did when you ordered.