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Drive Motor for Autohelm 4000 Wheel Pilot ST4000 - N012

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Brand new 12V DC motor for the Autohelm 4000 Black MK1 Wheel Pilot. Includes the gear/sprocket and motor locating peg already installed on the motor, and the 3 capacitors for optional installation while you install the motor.

You may find that your existing motor does not have the capacitors. The capacitors are there to help lengthen the lifetime of your motor brushes and reduce RF interference. This motor will work - even better - with autopilots which didn't previously have capacitors. It in no way affects the operation of your autopilot, just makes the motor last longer. The capacitors act like sponges to soak up arcing on the brushes while the motor is running.

(Note: We also sell the motor for the Raymarine MK2 (grey) wheel pilot - see our other listing below for this motor)

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