Wheel Drum for Autohelm 3000 / ST3000 with Improved Belt Grips

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This replacement for the Autohelm 3000 / ST3000 Wheel Drive Autopilot drum is 3D printed in super strong, durable plastic. Belt slippage has always been a problem with these units, especially when wet, so we've added small belt ridges on the drum surface to grip the belt tightly when tensioned, but still allow the belt to ride smoothly over the drum when disengaged. The inside of the drum is reinforced with gussets.

This drum also works with the Navico WP5000 wheel pilot - belt pitch / width are the same.

The drum will install on both 5 and 6 spoke wheels and comes with 3 x 1" ID stainless steel U bolts with precision laser cut curved backing plates in 316L stainless steel for extra strength. To fit all common spoke sizes, it includes 3 of each standard size spoke spacers (3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4") in metric (9, 12, 16, 19 mm).

3 U bolts and spacers are included for 6 spoke wheels (you only need a clamp on every second spoke). For 5 spoke wheels, 3 U bolts will be fine, but for extra strength, upgrade to 2 additional U bolts and spacers by selecting the option for 5 spoke wheels.

This is a nice upgrade for any Autohelm Wheel Drive Autopilot, especially one which is experiencing belt slippage problems.

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Read the included mounting instructions here.

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