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Belt Drive Gear and End Cap for Autohelm 3000, ST3000 and Navico WP5000

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Belt drive gear and nose cone end cap for the Autohelm 3000 and ST3000 wheel pilot and for the Simrad Navico WP5000. The design of the dogs on the nose cone end cap have been improved.

This is also available in a new version which eliminates the retaining pin and replaces it with a stainless steel bolt and nut in the end cap - much easier to remove and service in the future. The original pin by Autohelm was extremely difficult to remove. For the new improved version with the bolt/nut, select it in the options at the right. NOTE: This new version will require you to slightly enlarge the pin hole in the shaft. If you are not comfortable doing this, order the original version. Includes drill bit and Allen (hex) key for installation. (Instructions here).

Optionally add the stainless steel roller bearings in a 3D printed bearing cage to replace the bearings. The original bearings were not stainless steel and would rust. This new bearing cage is printed in black acrylic plastic. Includes 2 halves of the cage and 10 stainless steel roller bearings.

The normal number of teeth on the gear is 26. To increase the gear ratio, and spin your wheel more, you can select a higher number of teeth, which increases the diameter of the gear (and the amount of plastic).

NOTE: In all the above pictures, the shaft/brass bushing are only shown for information and are NOT included. Only the cone, belt drive wheel and optional bolt/nut are included.

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