Drive Eccentric Assemby - Autohelm 4000, ST4000 Wheelpilot N024

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This is the drive eccentric assembly, 3D printed in Stainless Steel. This part has been 3D printed entirely in one piece, with no pins holding the lever shaft to the cam as in the original. This new part is absolutely unbreakable and will last forever. It directly replaces the original. Part N024.

If you need a new lever, select Add Lever in the options.

Also, you can add the plastic belt drive wheel to this as well. This plastic drive wheel does not have the brass sleeve that the original has, but it works well with a thin layer of grease to lubricate it instead.

The eccentric assembly includes a stainless steel roll pin for putting the lever back on.

Fits the Mark I BLACK Wheel 4000, ST4000. Does NOT fit the Grey Mark II Wheel.

Instructions for installing your eccentric and putting the lever back on are here.

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