Clutch Lever, Autohelm Autopilot 4000, ST4000 Wheelpilot

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Clutch lever for the Mark I BLACK Wheel 4000, ST4000. Does not fit the grey Mark II wheel. This lever comes with the 1.5mm stainless steel roll pin required for installation, plus installation instructions. It also includes a 1/16" solid steel pin which you may choose to use for added strength. Original manufacturer part number: N011

This 3D printed replacement for the lever is printed in industrial strength plastic with a shiny smooth, glossy finish and is stronger than the original part.

For the ultimate strength, order the Stainless Steel version of the lever! 3D printed in solid stainless steel, this lever will never break a roll pin, strip the D hole, rust, corrode, or deteriorate. The stainless steel version comes with only a 1.5mm roll pin, as a stronger pin is not needed - all the rotational stress is now on the D hole in the shaft, not on the roll pin. This is also great if you have a shaft where the pin hole has been compromised - all the stress will now be on the shaft - like it should have been!

You can watch an installation video here.

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