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Clutch Roller Parts - Simrad WP10/WP30/WP32 Wheel Pilot

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These are the various parts making up the clutch assembly for the Simrad Wheel Pilot models WP10, WP30 and WP32:

  • Clutch Rollers (small E04122, large E03472)
  • 2 Clutch Roller Shafts (E02990)
  • 2 Clutch Shoes (E03041)

These have been redesigned to be much stronger than the original where possible. The Clutch Rollers have been 3D printed in industrial strength plastic and the Clutch Roller Shafts and Clutch Shoes have been 3D laser printed in nylon PA12.

They are fully compatible with your existing rollers and roller shafts and can be used interchangeably. The wheel pilots have 2 clutch rollers in them - a large and a small - with a clutch roller sleeve inside each. Plus 2 Clutch Shoes.

The rollers and sleeves are compatible with your existing hardware - the bolt, brass sleeve, and special thin nut. If you need these, select Add Hardware in the options.

Refer to the Simrad WP32 Service Manual here (same for the WP10 and WP30)

Repair instructions click here.

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