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Roller Wheel - Autohelm 4000 / ST4000 Wheel Pilot (Set of 7) A18058

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These are available on our Shapeways Store - printed to order in Glass reinforced NYLON PA12 - vastly better quality and resolution than any other 3D printed replicas. Click here.

These roller (idler) wheels are for the Autohelm 4000 and ST4000. They are compatible with the Black MK1 version of the wheel pilot (not the Grey Mk2 version). They have been redesigned to be much stronger than the original. They are 3D printed in industrial strength plastic.

Autohelm manufactured 2 different types of rollers. Early versions had ‘spokes’ on the underside and were quite weak. The later versions had a cone shaped roller - exactly like these replacements. The 2 types of rollers were identical in size and are interchangeable, just a slightly different design.

The autopilot wheel unit contains a total of 7 of these roller wheels.

Repair instructions click here.

Installation Video click here. - Courtesy of a happy customer

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