Clutch Lever for Autohelm 3000, ST3000 and Navico WP5000

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Clutch lever assembly for the Autohelm 3000 and ST3000 and also for the Simrad Navico WP5000 (but see important note below about the WP5000). The original lever had a bend in it and was very weak and breakable. This lever has been redesigned to be much stronger than the original part but still functions the same. This 3D printed replacement is printed in industrial strength plastic with a shiny smooth, glossy finish.

All 3 parts are 100% compatible and interchangeable with the original parts. The lever fits perfectly into the old mount bracket or our new, stronger mount bracket (Original Raymarine part number D046).

WP5000: Note there are some very old WP5000 models that have a completely different, 2 piece lever/hub that is not compatible. Please look at these pictures very closely and make sure your WP5000 lever looks the same. For these very old WP5000 models, we do not have a compatible lever.

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