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Spoke / Drive clamp - Autohelm 4000 / ST4000 Wheel Pilot - All sizes - Set of 3

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These spoke / drive clamps for the Autohelm 4000 and ST4000 are available in all sizes (the most popular being sizes B - 1/2" / 12mm and C - 5/8" / 16 mm).

This is a set of 3 spoke clamps

Please select the size of spoke clamp you need. The size refers to the diameter of the spoke tube, equal to the inside diameter of the clamp. There is usually a letter (A,B,C,D,E,F) stamped under the arch of the clamp which indicates its size. Our B and C size clamps are 3D printed, while all the other sizes are original equipment parts - ie. not 3D printed.

Includes 2 new stainless steel mounting bolts with each spoke clamp.

NOTE: Price is for 3 spoke clamps

Installation Instructions Click Here

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