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Yanmar Instrument Panel Replacements

i3DGear is in the process of designing and perfecting Yanmar Instrument Panel Replacements.  The 2 panels we are designing first are below:

Yanmar Type C Panel

Availability Unknown

Yanmar Type C.jpg

Yanmar Type B Panel

Available for Pre-order!! Click Here

Yanmar Type B.jpg

They will come with the full plastic panel as well as the decal on top with the lettering and windows that allow the warning lights to shine through.  They will be as identical as we can possibly make them with 3D printing and will be in a plastic that is much more durable and UV resistant than the originals.  You will install your existing gauges, switches, key, and lights into the panel yourself.


Type B panels are available for Pre Order - click here to order.  For Type C panels, please use the CONTACT form if you would like to be notified of these as they become available.  Specify the quantity of panels you would like.  Production will be slow at first and we will provision according your position on the list.

We do not yet know pricing for the Type C panels, but as always, we will keep the prices as reasonable as possible while still recovering our substantial R&D expenses required to make these possible.

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