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Yanmar Type B Engine Instrument Panel Replacement

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3D printed replacements for Yanmar Type B panels - commonly used on Beneteau and other sailboats. These match the originals as closely as 3D printing technology will allow and are strengthened in all areas to eliminate the problems with the corners breaking off and other breakage modes. NOTE: This is not just a faceplate sticker, this is an actual full panel.

Printed in the most UV resistant plastic available with the white lettering 3D printed and embedded into the plastic 1/16" so it will never wear off. Glassy smooth on the front face.

Does not include any of the instruments but includes full instructions and a video explaining how to transfer your existing gauges, switches, warning lights etc into the panel. Takes no more than a half hour to do.


  • 100% compatible 3D printed panel with white lettering
  • some custom tools for assembly/disassembly
  • new stainless steel screws for warning lights
  • new 3D printed gasket for panel (optional)
  • new 3D printed flexible ignition key cover (optional)
  • laser cut smoked Lexan glass for warning lights (already assembled)

These are currently a pre-order item and are expected to start shipping in July/2021. Orders will be processed in the order they were received and our production capacity is limited - so place your order now. You can cancel at any time by just emailing us - no cancelation fees.

NOTE: The panels are beautifully made 3D printed replicas, however, being 3D printed, there may be very minor surface defects that are not avoidable when 3D printing. We use the best 3D printers available for this process, but small imperfections are possible. We're sure you'll love your new panel, but please accept our apologies for any minor defects.

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