AutoBuddy SeaTalk Connections

Below are the connection methods for several of the Autohelm, Raymarine and Simrad / Robertson autopilot systems that AutoBuddy Supports.​

Just follow the directions and you're ready to start sailing!

P70, ACU and Evolution Series

Simply plugs into the back of the P70 display (control head) with an included white spur cable.

Smart Pilot SPX-5, 10, 20, 30 etc

AutoBuddy ST (SeaTalk) version connects directly to the SPX line of course computers.  Just connect the AutoBuddy receiver binding posts as follows using plain wire, or use a SeaTalk cable and cut one end off to connect to the SPX SeaTalk connection.​




The Autohelm ST7000 uses the round SeaTalk connector.  You'll find a male and a female SeaTalk connector on the back of the ST7000 control head.  Just plug one into the connector on AutoBuddy.  If you have other instruments chained, such as Autohelm ST50 instruments, and that is where the free connector is, plug AutoBuddy into any of the other instruments with the round connector.  It doesn't matter which instrument in the SeaTalk chain you plug into.

Plug the ST7000 or any other round connector into the AutoBuddy Round SeaTalk connector.


This is not the same as the ST4000+.  The ST4000 does not use a SeaTalk cable.  The best way to connect it is to use 1/8" automotive spade connectors (6 are supplied) and connect the 3 SeaTalk connectors from the back of the control head as shown below to either the binding posts or onto the connectors in the Rectangular SeaTalk Connector on AutoBuddy.  Make sure you match the colours Red, Yellow and Grey.



This is not the same as the ST4000.  The ST4000+ uses a rectangular SeaTalk cable connector.  Simply chain the SeaTalk connections from one instrument to the next, using any spare rectangular SeaTalk connection plug to plug AutoBuddy into.  If you don't have a SeaTalk cable, you can use the 6 supplied 1/8" automotive spade connectors to connect to the Rectangular SeaTalk connectors or binding posts, making sure to match the colours (black binding post is for grey SeaTalk connector).


Simrad / Robertson J300X

Simply connect the 5 colour coded wires from the cable coming out of the AutoBuddy receiver unit to the indicated screw terminals on the J300X autopilot computer.

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