SeaTalk NG Adapter Connection to P70 Series Control Head

Connecting the SeaTalk NG adapter (available from eBay or Amazon) to the P70 Series of control heads is really simple.  The 2 necessary cables are supplied with the adapter.  It's that easy!  No power to hook up, no messy wiring, just plug 2 cables in and you're ready to start sailing!

1-2-3 And You're Done!

You'll plug the rectangular connector on this cable,

into the Rectangular SeaTalk Connector on AutoBuddy,

and the other end into the yellow plug in the adapter,

Either white connector in this cable into the adapter,

and the other end into either P70 white connector.

Just connect Yellow to Yellow and White to White!

Here's how it will look when it's finished.

Just connect Yellow to Yellow and White to White!

(Yellow are SeaTalk1, White are SeaTalk NG)

If you have additional SeaTalk NG instruments, or if the P70 had one in each connector already, just continue chaining them from the other white connector on the adapter.