Roller Broken Stem Post Repair Kit - Autohelm 4000 / ST4000 Wheel Pilot

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This kit includes all the parts to fix this common problem with a roller post breaking off. Includes 3 different diameter rollers in case you drill slightly off center when performing the repair. All metal parts are stainless steel and brass.

  • Brass sleeve
  • Spacer (brass/steel)
  • Stainless steel washer
  • Brass / steel sleeve bolt
  • 3 - i3DGear plastic rollers - 1mm smaller, correct size, 1mm larger
  • Special Split Point Drill Bit to maximize drilling accuracy **
  • 10 ml vial of LokTite threadlocker blue
  • Custom drill guide / jig to ensure proper drill alignment

Special design allows for a flush repair on the outside of the wheel. Will even work for the roller which is behind the clutch lever. Detailed repair instructions are included.

** NOTE: If you order more than one kit, you will receive only 1 drill bit, 1 thread lock vial and one drill jig per order.

This price is for one roller wheel repair kit. The autopilot wheel unit contains a total of 7 of these roller wheels.

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