Control Head Mount Bracket, Autohelm Analog 3000 Autopilot

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Control head mount bracket for the Autohelm Analog 3000 autopilots - a fairly rare autopilot with a compass rose (red or blue) on a barrel shaped control unit - see picture.

Bracket dimensions: 6.5cm W x 4cm H or 2.6"W x 1.6"H

*** IMPORTANT: This bracket looks very similar to the Autohelm 2000/3000/4000 bracket ***
Please check the photos above of the autopilots that this bracket is for!

This is NOT for the Autohelm 2000/3000/4000, a much more common autopilot.

You will find that bracket in our other listing (see below).

This 3D printed replacement for the bracket is redesigned to be much stronger and printed in industrial strength plastic with a shiny smooth, glossy finish. Available in black (original colour) or white (nice on a fibreglass hull).

You'll notice this bracket does not have the rectangular holes through the bracket reproduced. Those holes were only there for injection molding the part, contributed to its breakage, and are not needed in 3D printing.

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