Beneteau Waste Cap Deck Wrench Key Socket Adapter

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This is a 3D metal printed adapter for a 3/8" socket wrench that will remove Beneteau waste caps. It has the typical star pattern and a 3/8" socket wrench hole in the middle. You can use this on a regular socket wrench as shown, or attach it to an impact wrench to 'hammer' out a stuck cap (video below).

Just buy a cheap socket wrench and it will can become your deck key wrench if you've lost or broken your Beneteau plastic deck wrench. Fits the Amiot waste caps. Please note it does not fit the water or fuel caps.

These are 3D printed in 60% stainless steel and 40% bronze - heavy duty metal that won't break or corrode.

Here's a video of it hammering out a deck cap on an impact driver!

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