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AutoBuddy - Remote Control for Autohelm 2000/3000 Autopilots (5 pin)

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Wrist Remote - Same size as a Watch!

This is the ONLY wireless remote for the Autohelm 2000/3000 available! Get freedom from the helm. This package comes with one wearable wrist remote with a velcro strap and one AutoBuddy receiver module. The wrist transmitter also comes with a lanyard and clip to wear it around your neck if you prefer. The receiver module is a tiny dongle that connects directly to the 5 pin remote connection on the control head. It requires a separate 12V or 24V power connection using the attached cigarette plug. Also supplied is a marine cigarette lighter socket which you can mount in your helm station if needed beside the existing control head power plug. This is very easy to do as there is power available behind the main control head power plug connector.

AutoBuddy allows +1/-1/+10/-10 commands to be sent as well as tack Port and Starboard by pressing +1/+10 and -1/-10 together. (Note that some of the older Autohelm 2000 and 3000 units do not support the auto tack function, everything else works, just not auto tack. This is a function of your own autopilot and not something that AutoBuddy can remedy.)

The receiver unit has a red power light and a blue 'receive' light that lights when a signal is received from the wrist transmitter.

The wearable wrist transmitter features up to 100' (30m) wireless range, a velcro strap, and colour coded buttons. The transmitter never needs recharging. It is powered by 2 small lithium coin cells that will likely last forever and never need replacing or recharging. AutoBuddy is always ready to control your autopilot, instantly and without fail. You can have as many transmitters as you like, there's no limit. Mount one on the bulkhead near your winches - handy when tacking.

Please check the remote connector on your control head before ordering to make sure it has 5 pins and not 4. If your remote connector has 4 pins, order the other version of AutoBuddy for the 4 pin connector. If you have an Autohelm 4000 unit, then you need the 4 pin remote version (click here).

Also, check the clearance under your control head. If you don't think there will be enough clearance for AutoBuddy to hang underneath, select the longer connector version (it's free), so you can bend AutoBuddy over and lay it underneath your control head. Instead of the receiver connector being short, you will get about an 8" long wire.

Download the AutoBuddy Use and Installation Guide here. Photos and reviews click here.

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