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Fan induction mosquito trap
Mosquito trap with fan induction, drawer with trap doors and blue and green LED's
Universal Joint
This universal joint was made as part of a media room blind system and 3D printed in ABS plastic. Watch the video animation of it below.
Digital Timer Enclosure
This digital timer enclosure was designed to be both 3D printable as a prototype and injection moulded as a final product.
Arduino Control Box
Thor Hammer
This Thor hammer has LED channels inside it for animated light effects.
Floating Hot Tub Chemical Dispenser
This floating hot tub chemical dispenser is hollow inside and printed in one piece - not possible with other fabrication methods such as injection moulding.
Drone camera mount
This camera mount is for a tiny camera and includes the ability to swivel.
Camera Mount for Drone
This camera mount protects and solidly mounts a camera on a drone. It includes a slot for a slide in Lexan pane to protect the lens.
Clutch Lever Assembly for Boat
Various Replacement Boat Parts
Door Pull
Recessed door pull for barn door
Barn door wheel
Barn door wheels, 3D printed in plastic and then cast in aluminum
Remote wrist case
AutoBuddy remote wrist unit with glow in the dark buttons
AutoBuddy Receiver Box
Control box for AutoBuddy autopilot remote receiver
Vintage Sailboat Rail Mount
This rail mount was 3D printed in plastic and then cast in bronze
Threaded Plug
Worm gear assembly
Worm gear limit switch sensor assembly
Double pulley
Double pulley assembly
Double spring support
This bracket supports 2 sliding springs
Dust Extractor Connection
Conical Gear
Copper faucet sprayer
Threaded faucet sprayer printed with copper infused plastic
Niger bird seed feeder
Hanging bird seed feeder dispensing Niger seeds
Water Bottle Opener
Suncover for Raymarine Depth Sounder
Business Card Holder
Dual extruded with black and white plastic.
3D printer spool holder
Drink Coaster Holder
Shower shelf with hook
Keyhole for antique cabinet
Drink coaster holder
Deck chair bracket
Replacement part for deck chair
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Animation of U-Joint designed and 3D printed by i3DGear.

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