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AutoBuddy remote models

for Autohelm, Raymarine Simrad, and Robertson Autopilots

  • Up to 100' (30m) range

  • High Gain Antenna

  • Radio frequency

  • Water resistant

  • Never needs recharging

  • Auto Tack

  • ProTACK tacking technology

  • Boat size adjustment

  • Priced economically


AB ST SMA package top angle.jpg
AutoBuddy Autopilot

Watch the Video

to see

AutoBuddy in action!


AutoBuddy is a radio frequency remote that gives you freedom you've never had before.  It works with ALL SeaTalk (ST) and non-SeaTalk versions of Autohelm and Raymarine autopilots as well as Simrad/Robertson.  A waterproof transmitter you wear on your wrist like a watch and a small receiver module that you connect to your autopilot.  Just Imagine:

  • Freedom:    walk around your boat, dodging crab traps and other obstacles

  • Fun:              don't be tied to the wheel, sit with everybody up forward

  • Efficiency:  single handed tacking with your hands free

Autohelm / Raymarine

   Old Non-SeaTalk Models:  

      Autohelm 2000/3000/4000 tiller and wheel pilots

   SeaTalk Models:

      ST1000, ST1000+, ST2000,   ST2000+, 

      ST3000, ST4000,   ST4000+, ST5000, ST5000+

      ST6000, ST6000+, ST6001+, ST6002+

      ST7000, ST7000+, ST7001+, ST7002+

      ST8001+, ST8002+

      Type 100, Type 300, Type 150, Type 400

      S1, S1G, S2, S2G, S3, S3G

      SPX-5, SPX-10 through SPX-30

  Raymarine Evolution Autopilots:

      P70 series with ACU 100/200/300/400 computers

Simrad/Robertson Models

      AP300X, AP300DLX, AP300PX, J300X computer

Derek Taj.jpg

"I don't want to go sailing without it!"

​Derek Hill, AutoBuddy addict.


​ProTACK - Tacks like a Sailor - not a Computer!


AutoBuddy SeaTalk version supports the autopilot default auto-tacking as well as ProTACK technology, an enhanced tacking algorithm that tacks like a sailor, not a computer!  Pulls the bow through the wind quickly, then heads up briefly while you handle the sails before continuing to the tack heading.  The speed of the ProTACK can be adjusted from the wrist unit to compensate for wind and sea conditions. 

AutoBuddy makes audible sounds to let you know what it's doing.  AutoBuddy can also enable Wind mode tracking on SeaTalk autopilots which have a wind instrument connected.

AutoBuddy Information Request


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