Examples of Scam or Hoax Websites

There are several very convincing looking scam or hoax websites on the internet now purporting to sell the Raymarine Unicontroller Rotary Dial.  Below are several examples - you can see they all look similar, just different names and colors.  New ones are popping up almost daily - but with different strange names.  Please BEWARE.


We are the only company that makes these and we don't supply to these sites. There are no New Original Equipment dials left in the world, only the 3D printed ones we make. These websites steal the images from our website and 'offer' the dials at ridiculously low prices. You will definitely NOT receive a product from them.

The sites go by the names of EMWStainless, SabilyMarket, GetMoba, Sotavision etc - all sites look almost the same - although this is not a complete list.

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