Simrad RF45X Medium Duty Rudder Feedback - Equivalent

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The RF45X is a medium duty rudder feedback unit with variable frequency output for use with Simrad autopilot systems. The unit is mounted close to the rudder stock and is mechanically connected to the rudder by a transmission link in a 1:1 ratio.

Key Features:

  • Medium duty feedback unit with transmission linkage
  • Mechanically identical to Simrad RF45 and RF45X
  • Variable frequency output for Simrad autopilots
  • IP67 waterproof - constant spray and full submersion 1m depth for 1 hour
  • Requires 12-32VDC supply voltage
  • Includes 2m (6') shielded cable
  • Circuit board and pot replacements available

This 3D printed replacement has been re-engineered for IP68 water resistance, capable of constant spraying of water and tested for 48 hours submerged in 1 foot of seawater. No other rudder feedback can come close to that!

Produces the exact same frequency signal as the Simrad OEM RFU compatible with the J3XX input (AP35/AP50), AP45 and AP9 Mk3. The RF45X can operate on 12-32 VDC - a wider range than the Simrad version. Includes the constant current output for the RI-9 rudder angle indicator also.

Includes all the necessary mounting and linkage hardware, including 2 ball joints, rudder stock adapter, and a 12" (300mm) threaded linkage rod/stud (6mm) to connect the rudder to the RFU. All metal parts are high quality stainless steel 316L. The unique adjustable linkage mechanism makes installation and adjustment much easier without cutting the linkage rod. Adjustable Linkage Instructions click here.

Comes with detailed installation instructions and is 100% compatible with the Simrad product.

Installation Guide (click here)

Simrad list price is over $700 with the included linkage, you save 40% (almost $300) - For a BETTER product

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