Rudder Feedback Unit - Replaces Comnav RFU 20330008

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Completely waterproof, submersible replacement for the Comnav Rudder Feedback Unit 20330008. IP67 water resistance, capable of constant spraying of water and tested for 48 hours submerged in 1 foot of seawater! No other rudder feedback can come close to that!

Although the mechanical design is different, this is 100% compatible electronically.

Quality tested for durability through 25,000 lock to lock steering cycles with no degradation in performance!

Add the optional adjustable linkage assembly, with all the necessary mounting hardware, including 2 ball joints, rudder stock adapter, screws, and a 12" threaded linkage rod/stud (6mm) with 2 nuts to connect the rudder to the RFU. All metal parts are high quality stainless steel. The included adjustable linkage mechanism makes installation and adjustment much easier. Adjustable Linkage Instructions click here.

IMPORTANT: If you're replacing an existing rudder reference, then just order the unit with the supplied 3' (1m) of cable and splice it into your existing cable (waterproof gel splicing connectors are supplied). Otherwise, order the total number of feet of cable you need for your installation - up to 30'.

Comes with detailed installation instructions and is 100% compatible with the Comnav product.

Comnav list price is $335, you save over 40% (Over $135)!

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