Planetary Gears, Raytheon 4000, ST4000 Wheelpilot 2.5mm shaft

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Raytheon made a very rare, but slightly different version of the gearbox drive than Autohelm or Raymarine. The planetary gears are almost identical except they have a slightly larger 2.5mm shaft.

If your motor drive unit has Raytheon printed on it as in the attached photo, then you likely need the 2.5mm shafts. If you've taken apart your gearbox, try inserting a 2.5mm bit versus a 2mm bit. If you only have inch bits, then a 3/32" bit will be a slightly loose fit in a 2.5mm hole whereas it won't fit into a 2mm hole.

These are the planetary gears for the Raytheon 4000 and ST4000 motor gearbox (part 4 in the parts diagram above). The gearbox contains a total of 22 gears. These are 3D laser printed in durable nylon plastic and come in packages of 11 gears (2 packages required to replace all gears in gearbox).

These gears are for the Mark I BLACK RAYTHEON wheel 4000 and ST4000 - they DO NOT fit the Grey MK2 wheel. Find the MK2 gears here.

Download the installation instructions for the gears here.

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