Planetary Gears, Autohelm 4000, ST4000 Wheelpilot 2mm shaft

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Planetary gears for the Autohelm 4000 and ST4000 motor gearbox (part 4 in the parts diagram above) 3D printed in durable, smooth, nylon plastic. The gearbox contains a total of 22 gears. Choose either the 11 gear partial set or the complete 22 gear set, depending on how many you need to replace.

Optionally, add the precision cut spacer shim set - 7 large (24.5mmx13mm) for between each gear carrier and 1 small (16x9mm) for the main shaft (see exploded view picture).

These gears are for the Mark I BLACK wheel Autohelm 4000 and ST4000 - they DO NOT fit the Grey MK2 wheel. Find the MK2 gears here.

(If your motor drive unit has Raytheon printed on it, then you 'may' have 2.5mm shafts and these gears won't fit. We no longer stock the 2.5mm shaft gears. They are extremely rare - we have only seen 2 of these in 5 years.)

Download the installation instructions for the gears here.

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