AutoBuddy - Remote Control for Simrad/Robertson/B&G Autopilots

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Now with a long range antenna!

This is the ONLY wireless remote for the Simrad/Robertson AP24, AP25, AP28, AP42, AP300, AC12, AC40 and J300X series autopilots! Get freedom from the helm. This package comes with one wearable wrist remote with a velcro strap and one AutoBuddy receiver module. The wrist transmitter also comes with a lanyard and clip to wear it around your neck if you prefer. The receiver module is a tiny box that connects directly to the autopilot main computer with 5 wires. Simple pictorial instructions plus all required wiring and hardware is included. It's literally 5 minutes to connect.

This remote will work with any Simrad, Robertson, or B&G autopilot computer that supports the R3000X Simrad remote control. Just check your user manual. If it works with the R3000X, then AutoBuddy will work of you. If your course computer has a TB7 Remote connector on it, then this remote will work with it (just check your course computer manual).

AutoBuddy allows port and starboard course change commands. Holding the buttons increments the course in 4 degree increments. Pressing both buttons together toggles between Auto and Standby mode. When in Standby mode, pressing the port and starboard keys turns the wheel directly.

The receiver unit has a red power light and a blue 'receive' light that lights when a signal is received from the wrist transmitter. The receiver unit also beeps whenever a transmitter button is pressed. Optionally, order the external beeper unit which allows you to run the beeper to a location where it can be heard better with just a standard 3.5mm audio extension cord (25' cord supplied) - see pictures.

The wearable wrist transmitter features up to 50' (15m) wireless range, a velcro strap, and colour coded buttons as well as a adjustable lanyard to wear around your neck if you prefer. The transmitter never needs recharging. It is powered by 2 small lithium coin cells that will likely last forever and never need replacing or recharging. AutoBuddy is always ready to control your autopilot, instantly and without fail. You can have as many transmitters as you like, there's no limit. Mount one on the bulkhead near your winches - handy when tacking.

Download the AutoBuddy Use and Installation Guide here. Photos and reviews click here.

NOTE: AutoBuddy only works with 12 or 24 Volt systems, not 32 Volt systems.

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